Frequently Asked Questions

Great question! 

We understand that you may not always be sure of the exact length of time needed for your clean.

By visiting you personally at your convenience we are able to understand your exact requirements and situation and are able to advise you more accurately.

If you are on a budget we will discuss how we may best serve you, subject to a minimum of 2 hours of cleaning per visit.

No we don't. We will use your cleaning materials, vacuum cleaner, mops etc. This enables us to keep our costs to a minimum which we would otherwise have to pass on to you by charging a higher hourly rate.

Most clients tell us they prefer us to use their products as it feels 'safer'. 

They know exactly which products are being used in their home and there is then no risk of cross contamination  between houses.

Yes with pleasure!

Our cleaners are happy to iron as well as clean for you if you wish.

Many clients find this to be more cost effective and less expensive than using an ironing service.

Most certainly.

Prior to starting work for you, your cleaner will contact you by phone to introduce herself.

At this time she will arrange to come and see you at a time convenient for you. You will then be able to meet with her, ask any questions you wish, and give her a key to the property also if it is needed.

This is entirely your choice.

Our cleaners are used to being key holders as the majority of our clients are out at work on their cleaning day.

However, if you prefer to be there on the day that is absolutely fine with us also.

With great care!

When a cleaner applies to work with us they are given a short telephone interview initially. 

Only a very small percentage of applicants are successful in getting past this first stage.

If they are successful in the first stage we then arrange to interview them in their own home.

They then have to pass a second stage in depth interview during which we will also check ID and proof of address.

If they pass this successfully then at the third stage we will contact past employers and obtain written references and sometimes character references also.

At the end of this third stage process and then only if we are entirely satisfied do we enrol them on our database.

Yes. We also specialise in one off spring cleans and end of tenancy cleaning, either instead of or as well as our regular weekly or fortnightly cleaning service.

For one off cleans we will supply all cleaning materials and equipment necessary to complete the work.

For a quote please give us a call.

Your cleaner will inform you if she is to be away on holiday, and she will also inform you if she is ill on the day the clean is due.

If you wish us to send a replacement cleaner whilst she is off, simply telephone our office and we make the arrangements.

We never automatically send a replacement without your consent as many of our clients would not wish us to do this and would rather either miss a clean or make other arrangements with their regular cleaner if they are able to.

It is imperative to us that you are 100% happy with your cleaner.

In the unlikely event that you are not satisfied for any reason, simply contact us and we shall arrange a replacement.

Yes. For your peace of mind we have public liability insurance cover of up to £2 million, subject to a £100 excess on the policy.


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